In my research I use quantitative empirical methods to study topics in energy and urban economics. I am particularly interested in the economics of energy transitions, cities and the spatial structure of economic development. 

Work in progress

  • On the Urbanization of Energy Poverty. Evidence from Mozambique. (with G. Mahumane) 
  • Population Growth and the Trade-off between Green and Brown Expansion of Electricity Supply  in Developing Countries. A Spatial Model and Evidence for Indonesia (with S. Fevriera and C. Bogmans) 
  • What Drives Electrification Inequality Across Time and Space in Indonesia? (with I.S. Rosidin) 
  • Power Density and Urbanization, 1800-2000. (with F. van de Poll)
  • Transport Policies and Urban Air Pollution in Developing Countries. (with R. Borck)