My main research interests lie on the edge of energy economics and spatial economics. He is especially interested in the economics of energy transitions, cities and the spatial structure of economic development, the relationship between energy use and urbanization in developing countries, spatial inequality and the role of institutions and governance in economic development.

Work in progress

·       Power Density and Urbanization, 1800-2000 (with Fenneke van de Poll)

·       Income Inequality Dynamics in Decentralizing Indonesia (with I.S. Rosidin en H.L.F. de Groot)

·       Does Urbanization Hamper Renewable Energy Transitions in Developing Countries? (with C. Bogmans) 

·       Transport Policies and Urban Air Pollution in Developing Countries (with R. Borck)

·       On the Urbanization of Energy Poverty. Evidence from Mozambique (with G.M. Mahumane)

·       Urban Settlement in the United States: Birth, Location and Growth of Incorported Places 

     (with E. Dobis, M. Delgado en R.J.G.M. Florax)