My research interests include:


* The spatial structure of economic development

* Interaction between energy use, demographic change and economic expansion

* Relationship between energy use and urbanization in developing countries

* The energy sector in Mozambique


Work in progress:


* A meta-analysis on the rank-size rule (Zipf’s law) for 91 countries and 178 regions since 1086 A.D. (with Henri de Groot)

* The urbanization of energy poverty in Mozambique (with Gilberto Mahumane)

* The long-run impact of civil war on spatial population distribution in Africa. The case of Mozambique (with Ramos Muanamoha and Tereza Safarova).

* The significance of urban hierarchy in explaining population dynamics in the United States (with Elizabeth Dobis, Michael Delgado and Raymond Florax)

* Spatial patterns of inequality and economic development in Indonesia (with Ifa Rosidin, Hengky Kurniawan and Henri de Groot)

* A cross-country analysis of the relationship between electricity use by firms, urbanization and density in Africa (with Birte Pfeiffer) 

* Spatial patterns of specialization and diversification in the Spanish urban system (with Jorge Díaz Lanchas and Raymond Florax)

* The economic value of ethnic diversity in cities (with Jessie Bakens and Raymond Florax)